What's going on at the BAPC Library?

The library has always been a good source of reading material covering many aspects of Christianity. Having been dormant for several years there is now emphasis on a renewal. Older books no longer reflecting present thinking have been removed. New titles have been added and will continue to be added.  Volunteers have spent many hours giving the library a make-over.

And there is something new, something you were not able to do in the past. You can now search the library on-line at http://bonairpc.org/library.php  from the comfort of your home.  The books have been sorted in a meaningful way simplifying the search. Check out the different categories and browse around.

There is more to be done. Volunteers are still adding information into the data base.  Details on book rental and return, record keeping, etc. have to be written and implemented. That should not stop you to check out the changes.