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   Welcome to Bon Air Presbyterian Church (BAPC). We are a vibrant congregation seeking and serving Christ. There are many ways to describe a church. We like to think of BAPC as an engaging community of faith, committed to excellence in worship, music and the arts, education, and outreach.

    BAPC is a congregation where ALL who SEEK CHRIST are WELCOME and ALL are called to SERVE.

    Please let us know how we may serve you!

New Page 1 Advent Worship
The January Sermon Series

January 3: Testify to Divine Love
Love has come to town! We sing “Gloria!” along with all heaven and earth and pay Jesus homage with our song and with our lives.

January 10: Testify to Incarnate Love
Can we see ourselves as “clothed” with Christ-like Love: compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience; bearing with one another because we are one body?
January 17: Testify to Unfailing Love
Gain a sense of the radical call of Love that does not fail, that does not abandon, that is ever-present and always available.

January 24: Testify for Genuine Love
To live with genuine faith is to live a life that is permeated with integrity and exceptional loving.

January 31: Testify to Liberating Love
Jesus answers the question, “What should we do?” with a concrete step-by-step answer: Love others. Care for others. Give the “shirt off your back” and fill hungry bellies.



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